Quills 'n Things Hedgehogs


Cage liners - Price varies according to size of liner.

Liners are the perfect bedding for your hedgie.  You won't have to deal with shavings or any other loose bedding ending up all over your house.  They are economical and enviromentally friendly,  just toss in the washing machine and dryer to clean. 


My liners are made with a flannel top, an aborsorbant center layer and fleece on the bottom.  I use either white or cream coloured fleece for the bottom, whichever I feel matches the fabric best. 

Hedgehog Bags   $10.00 each + shipping

Hedgehog bags are perfect for your baby to sleep in in their cage or to use for bonding when out of their cage.  They are made with a soft fleece lining and warm flannel on the outside.  The bags are approx. 10 inches by 12 inches in size.  They are perfect for small babies as well as the "fluffier" hedgies, so there is no need to buy a larger bag as they grow.  Please indicate name of the fabric you would like your hedgehog bag in.




  example  only                                        

Blankets $10.00 + shipping

Flannel and Fleece blankets are perfect for snuggling up with your baby.  All Blankets have white fleece on the back and flannel on the front. Please indicate name of the fabric you would like your blanket in.


  Example    only                 




Bag or hat and Blanket Sets   $18.00 + Shipping

Bag and blankets sets and hat and blanket sets are perfect for use both in your baby's cage or for cuddling up with your hedgie.  You can either order a matching set or mix and match as you like!


Hedgie Hats  $10.OO + shipping

Hedgie hats are nice little "homes" for your hedgie to sleep under.  They are lined with soft fleece and covered in warm flannel.  Please indicate name of the fabric you would like your hat in.


 Example only


Christmas Stockings   $15.00 + Shipping

Just in time for Christmas!  Hedgie stocking are perfect for your lil guy or girl to cuddle up in while they wait for Santa to arrive.  Available in all prints, flannel on the outside with white fleece lining.  I hope to have more premade soon.

Stockings can be ordered in any fabric listed below.


  Reindeer Stocking -numerous     





 Aliens                          Astronauts



 Baby Blue Stars        Baby Pink Stars



Baby Checks             Baseball



  Big Dots


  Blue Cammo              Blue Cats


 Blue Confetti



  Blue Pattern               Blue Print


  Blue Skulls                Blue Stars


   Blue Stars 2              Bones


  Brown Dots on Blue   Cammo F02



 Clouds Sun F


 Confetti                      Cow


 Critters FGr


  Cupcake (limited)      Dino


  Dino 2   (Limited)      Dino Sports (limited)


 Dots (limited)             Fish



  Fishing Frogs             Flamingo FW






  Foot Prints                 Forest



Forest 2                      Faded Blue Flowers




  Giraffe 2                   Green Cammo


 Grey Dots                             


  Hands and Feet         Hands and Hearts


    Hearts                                                     Hearts Blue         


  Hearts Green                 Hockey F1



   Hockey F2                Hockey Rink



   Horses                     Jungle F33


  Leaves                       Leaves F02



 Lions F1                      Little Sport


  Meow                         Mints Stars


  Moose                       Multi - Circles (ltd)


   Multi - Peace            



  Orange Cats             


  Pastel dots              Patchwork Owls (Ltd)



  Pink  Confetti        Pink Dots on Black(Ltd)


  Pink Farm                  Pink Fish


  Pink Monkeys            Pink Paws


Pink Ribbon                Pink Soccer


   Pink Swirl                  Planes


  Play                          Pokeman



  Puppies                      Purple/green Dots


  Purple Turtles            Rainbows


   Red Dots                                Red Life





  Sewing                       Skulls Blue 1


  Skulls on Blue            Sky F01 (background purple)



  Snails                         Sneakers


 Speckles                     Sports F05


  Sports                        Sports Black


  Stars F54 (Ltd)    (Sparkly)          Sun Clouds


  Super Star                Thing 1


  Tracks                       Trees


  White Dots on Blue   White Flowers




  Yellow Confetti           Yellow Flowers


 Zany Quilt                  Zoo Co-ordinate






Seasonal Flannel     



 Bears                       Hot Cocoa



   Mittens                      Penguins





    Snoopy Christmas        Stockings



  Snowflake                    Snowman



 Xmas Lights